Creating True Agape- 20 At Home Dates

Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates


Creating True Agape is in E-book format with over 70 pages and will be delivered immediately.

These 20 at home dates are designed to cultivate communication, intimacy and growth!

Not only does this e-book make it easy to create dates, but it makes being intentional about connecting with your man simple!

The variety of dates included will enable all personality types to connect while having fun!

Product Description


  • EASY TO IMPLEMENT: The dates include things you already have around the house so you can plan a date on a whim.
  • INCLUDES LOVE LANGUAGES: Through the e-book each Love Language is used to ensure your man’s love tank is being filled no matter what his Love Language is.
  • DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Questions within each date aids in facilitating true, meaningful conversations without pressure.
  • PRINTABLES: The wide variety of printables that are included extends the fun by making the dates hands on.
  • SUPPORTS CURRENT GOALS: With each date, individually and as a couple, you can assess and share about any goals on the topic.
  • CONNECTION AND VULNERABILITY: These dates are designed to cultivate communication, intimacy and growth which ultimately allow a space for true connection and vulnerability.

It was really easy to get my husband talking and interested in the activities.  It was great discussion and laughs. It will definitely increase our intimacy level and how well we know each other. -Devin, Wife of 3 years