Running Is Totally For Me Book

Running Is Totally For Me- Soft Cover & Music

$15.98 $14.99

8.25″ X 8.25″ soft cover book

6 downloadable movement songs

3 educational movement activities (in the back of the book)

10 ready to use printables (downloadable access information)

Product Description

The story features a determined girl, Madi, that tries several sports in search for what truly inspires her.She calls on her friends to help her through the process, but ultimately stands firm in choosing what brings her joy.

When children read “Running is Totally for Me” they will see stereotypes and gender roles being broken. They will hear encouraging words not only for the characters, but for themselves.

At the back of the book you will find three activities that you can do with your child right away. The activities incorporate language, math and science all while getting your kid moving. You will also find links to free printables that accompany each lesson.

I loved the lesson of perseverance and keep trying to find your passion. -Audrey, Mom of Two

I love the way the story flows and I like that the main phrase is repeated. It encourages the enjoyment even from things that may not be “our thing” and also repetition is a method I’ve found useful when trying to influence a child. -Angelica, Mom of One

This also comes with a download card for 6 movement songs that you can put on any device or onto a cd. The movement songs correspond with the sports Madi tries in the book. The title songs are:

  • Run With Me
  • Gymnastics is Fantastic
  • Nothin But Net
  • Go For A Swim
  • Huh Hiya Hey Karate
  • Kick Kick Kick